Award for the Best Product at BH Engineering Week 2023

Award for the Best Product at BH Engineering Week 2023

  • Jelena Petrušić

    January 24, 2024

BH Engineering Week, a prestigious event dedicated to promoting engineering achievements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, serves as a platform where experts from various fields exchange ideas, experiences, and the latest technical solutions. Participation in such an event is an opportunity to highlight the best engineering practices and promote innovation as a key driver of progress.

We are delighted to announce that at this prestigious event, we have been recognized as the creators of the best technical-engineering product in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the IT industry category. This exclusive award attests to our deep commitment to excellence, continuous innovation, and maintaining high standards within the dynamic engineering sector.

Our team presented Metrikon, which captured the hearts of the expert jury, standing out as an epitome of technical virtuosity in the field of information technology. This award is not just a recognition for our team but also a confirmation of our dedication to constantly raising the bar of engineering achievements.

We express our gratitude to the jury for recognizing and choosing Metrikon as a solution worthy of this esteemed award. We will continue with the same passion and dedication, confident that we are on the right path towards new heights of innovation. Thank you for the support that further inspires and motivates us.

Jelena Petrušić
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January 24, 2024

Jelena is our Project Manager, overseeing the planning and execution of client projects. Her organizational prowess and communication skills ensure that our clients receive top-quality support and guidance as they implement Metrikon.