Mobile application




Viewing Asset Details


On the asset profile, you can find all relevant information about that asset, such as the asset's path, asset category, and whether autopilot is enabled for that asset.

  1. Tap on the work order card to open the work order profile.
  2. Click on the asset name to open the asset profile.
  3. On the asset profile, you have the option to add materials and tag the asset with additional information or labels. Tap + in the Materials/Asset Tag section to upload a file or add a new tag. Save the changes.

NOTE: Assets are added for a specific work order during work order creation.

Tracking Asset Maintenance and Repair History

  1. Tap on the asset name to open the asset profile.
  2. At the bottom of the asset profile, you will find two tabs: Work Orders and Consumed Items.
  3. Within the Work Orders tab, the user can see all completed work orders related to that asset.
  4. Inside the Consumed Items tab, you can find items associated with that asset. You can see the quantity consumed and the date and time when the item was consumed.